Patient Testimonials


By far the best dental experience I have ever had. The staff is friendly, and the doctor truly cares. It made my day by the small attention to details they gave. From a blanket to keep warm while getting my work done, to head phones so I won’t hear the drill. This truly is an A+ establishment. I am so glad I was recommended to this place.


I highly, highly recommend this office. The office staff is so friendly and kind. Dr. Alsmadi was so kind and informative and did a wonderful job. He answered all our questions and let us know he is available if we need anything.


Dr. Alsmadi and his staff Are great!! Like I said today to my husband, if not for the shots and the drill going on, it could have been a spa moment;-). A nice warm blanket, relaxing meditation music, I almost achieved zen status, from a root canal. 🙏🏽 Thank you to all I dealt with yesterday. Everyone was very calming in the office. You have a special thing going. 12/20/17


Finding help and understanding when you are suffering from terrible physical pain is simply incredible. In a world where the money rules it is heartwarming to realize that people so nice like Dr. Tariq A. and team still exist.
Beyond the fine material attention and care the human treatment they offer is in short words from “another world” 👌💖👏


OUTSTANDING! Not a single bit of pain or discomfort from start to finish on a root canal! From the receptionist to the assistant to the doctor, nothing but courtesy and professionalism! I would highly recommend this office to anyone that needs treatment!


My doctor told me that she cannot do root canal for my tooth number 2, and that I needed a specialist to do it for me due to its complicity. So, she referred me to mid-cities endodontics and specifically to Dr. Tariq, and oh boy, I’m very glad she did. I did a root canal today at this place. It was one of the best experiences that I’ve had for root canal. Dr. Tariq is very experienced and took his time to do the job. I Highly recommend this place. You will not regret it.


I needed a root canal done for a tooth abscess, but my dentist could see me for over a week. I decided I didn’t want to wait that long and so I sought out a specialist in the area and that search lead me to this Mid-cities and Dr Tariq Alsmadi. After reading the good reviews, I decided I’d try to make an appointment with him for sooner. I called, and to my surprise they said they could see me that same day in a couple hours at 12:30 am. They sent me the link to the paperwork online and I filled it out and eagerly went to my appointment.

The staff was sweet and had good customer service and I wasn’t waiting long before being lead to the back by the dental assistant. (I really wish I could remember her name because she was the best. Good natural conversation and she was very sweet.) She took the x-rays and then Dr Alsmadi saw me. Turns out I didn’t just have the one abscess, I had two, and so he offered to do them both since they were right next to each other, and I agreed.

I was a little nervous, I’d never had two done at once, but let me just tell you this was by far the best root canal experience I’ve ever had. They made sure I had everything I needed to be comfortable. An MP3 player on Pandora with headphones, sunglasses, the chair was a massage chair! This is the first time I’ve ever nearly fallen asleep multiple times while getting a root canal. They make it so you can relax your jaw and don’t have to worry constantly about whether or not your mouth is open wide enough. I was simply amazed, I had no idea they could be this comfortable.

After the operation I had a little pain, the novacane wearing off, and once it wore off completely it was terrible pain. Dr Alsmadi provided me with his cell number in case I needed anything, so I called and texted. He promptly called me back and explained that the only reason it would be hurting that bad is the antibiotics I was on from my other dentist weren’t working as they should for this particular infection. He asked me for my info and pharmacy number and called me in a prescription for two new antibiotics and some Ibuprofen. I was skeptical, but I did as instruct and started taking them immediately while stopping the other. I woke up this morning and the very tender spot just above my root tip was indeed not hurting nearly as bad, even when I pressed on it. So, it seems it’s working!

Dr Alsmadi does a great job and he and his staff truly care about their patient and their comfort. This was a refreshing experience for me and I’ll certainly be going to him for any further endodontic services I might need


I just had a root canal done first thing this morning, 7/7/17, by Dr Alsmadi, Endodontist B.D.S., D.M.D.
I’m telling you, he is awesome!! I am one that does not like having to go to any dentist, if I can help it, besides my 2 cleanings a year, of course. When I first called the office after my awesome Dentist, Dr Rosa Beck referred me, Shelly & Michelle were so sweet, welcoming & reassuring. You two are great! I was asking them about how Dr Alsmadi is & they were honest with me saying that he is a good Dr. I usually get the nitris-oxide but didn’t really want to if I didn’t need it. Dr Alsmadi reassured me that I would not need it, but if I changed my mind at any time, they could set it up. They gave me a headset with an MP-3 player & asked me what I wanted to listen to. Soothing relaxing spa music for this girl!!! Lol! He told me what he would be doing & throughout the process asked me if I was doing ok. He is just so sweet & really cares about his patients & also his staff. He is very courteous & respectful to everyone. Oh, and he’s funny too. Lol! The Techs are all awesome as well!!! I ended up not needing the nitris-oxide after all. He is that good & gentle!!! I say wow on that!!! So, I very highly recommend Dr Alsmadi to everyone!!! Thank you, Dr Alsmadi & Staff!!!


I had to get a root canal done and I was extremely worried about the pain I would experience. I spoke with Dr. Tariq and his wonderful assistant about my concerns and fears and Dr. Tariq assured me that he would do everything he could to lessen any pain he even cracked a joke that made me laugh which then helped me to relax. If every dental surgery experience was even half way as good as this one I would never be afraid of going to the dentist! Thanks, Mid-Cities I am officially a hug fan!